A few testimonials from our previous conference attendees:

I love that all the speakers are transparent and share from their personal experiences. That’s huge. Where else are you going to get that?


Best 8 hours of the year!


Thank you for having this event for us men. We get a lot of negativity in society about our roles in families, in life, work, etc. It is nice to be reminded of what God wants for us, and our God given responsibilities as men. Thank you!


Personally not having a strong spiritual background, I felt at home and I was comfortable with the surroundings. Don’t let your lack of faith steer you away from this great learning and personal growth opportunity. Matt, Renton


Best father/son Saturday. Opened doors to some great discussion with my 16 year old.


I LOVE this event!! I came away with 5 goals which I was able to immediately able to take action on. Thanks again for the best Saturday of the year and looking forward to the 2018 one!


Awesome event. We need more opportunities to unite as Men. This is my fourth and look forward to next year.


The Conference spurred a lot of conversation with my son that may have been hard to get started given the subject matter. What a blessing it was for us.


I appreciated the education regarding the biological and neurological impact of porn on our youth. Knowledge of the impact will lead to change of behavior and provide hope for the future!


Every Christian father in the world needs to hear this message to help equip them in the battle going on for our young men.


The linking of creation theology to sexuality was brilliant.


Excellent event. Brought my 13 yr old son, and attended some excellent break out sessions relevant to his life!. Thx!


The Higher Ground Men’s Conference gets better every year. I’ve benefitted each year I’ve attended. -Dennis, Stanwood


I found inspiration in Jonathan Daugherty’s separation and then coming back together with his wife. I liked the path he laid out: – Share your story – Make some friends – Transform your mind – Feed your soul – Love your neighbor.


I greatly appreciated the advice on marriage and a man’s role and commitment to his wife through good and bad.


This conference was fantastic!!! I cam with my stepson and we really connected through the different seminars. Thanks Phil Killeen, Texas


I loved how Brian Goins stated that we should never forget that we are dating God’s daughter….


The Higher Ground conference was my introduction to recovery. I had met with my first counselor, and knew virtually nothing about recovery and no prior experience attending any men’s event that talked about sexual integrity. I was blown away. – David, Woodinville


I have been attending this conference since its inception. It gives me such motivation and strength for the battle. I could use this more than once per year.  – Dennis, Redmond


I come back year after year because I know there’s always something new and though provoking that I can use in my recovery and daily life. – Brian


This was my first time. Even though I am not a husband and only a minor, I would love to come back next year. I am currently trying to prepare for what God has for my future and this conference helped me further equip myself. Thanks much for a great day!