Special Sessions for Dads & Teens

In our 6th year, Higher Ground is honored to come alongside Fathers and their Teenage Sons to champion the critical father-son bond and create a safe environment to discuss the often tough topics about sexuality, technology and what it means to be an authentic male.

This year, we are very excited to present a 2-session Father-Teen tract that focuses on equipping our sons toward a life of resilience. With teen depression on the rise and an increasing number of millennials feeling ‘lost’, our session presenters will tackle the important realities of developing perseverance in the face of disappointment and engaging wisdom in a technology saturated culture.  These sessions are also ideal for college-age/young adult men.

Former Seattle Seahawk Clint Gresham will be a special guest at the 2018 Higher Ground Men's Conference Feb. 10 at Westminster ChapelBecoming: Loving the Process to Wholeness
Presented by: Clint Gresham

Based on his best-selling book Becoming: Loving the Process to Wholeness, in this special breakout session former Seattle Seahawk Clint Gresham will share the process of his own faith journey and encourage young men to lean into God’s grace and faithfulness to build a life of resilience and success, to overcome their own challenging circumstances and become all they were created by God to be.

Don’t Freak Out!  Kids, Phones, Sex and What to Do
Presented by: Mike Olson

Parents and kids live in two worlds when it comes to phones, technology, relationships, and sexuality. For adults, it’s often scary to think about the changes and cultural influences pursuing kids today. For teenagers, this is all normal and no big deal. It’s the tension between those two points where this session can help. We’ll discuss up-to-date data regarding phones and social media, as well as important information about how phones and apps are designed. The result is a session which will inform and equip, allowing anyone to act with wisdom and control in the areas of phones, apps, relationships, and sexuality.

Take Advantage of our Father-Son Combo ticket discounts:

  • Father/Teen Combo Ticket – $72
  • Father/2 Teen Combo Ticket – $86
  • Father/3 Teen Combo Ticket – $100