Finding Authentic Brotherhood & Accountability in a Digital World

Finding Authentic Brotherhood & Accountability in a Digital World

Our lives are increasingly being ‘lived’ in the digital space. Most millennials, in fact, don’t see their online relationships and personal growth opportunities different than their face-to-face connections. And, for many men ready to engage the process of healing toward a life of sexual integrity there isn’t always a local, in-person option of a support group or 12-step meeting for them to access.

In this breakout session, attendees will learn about the new and innovative opportunities available IN THE DIGITAL SPACE for recovery, accountability and healing for sexual brokenness and addictions.  The breakout will be an EXCELLENT tool for pastors and men’s ministry leaders looking for additional ways to help the men and teens they serve struggling with sexual integrity and other addiction issues.


Steve Dulaney, MA. LMHC, CSAT | President, Prodigals International

Prodigals Internationa
l – a 12-step recovery and counseling ministry for sexual brokenness – will present their brand new Online Homecoming Meeting which allows men to attend a weekly 12-step sex addiction recovery meeting from anywhere across the United States and Canada.  The program offers accountability with complete anonymity.


Alex Lerza, CEO of RTribe will speak at the 2018 Higher Ground Men's Conference

Alex Lerza, LMFT, CSAT | CEO, RTribe

R|Tribe  – Since 2015 rTribe has helped over 186,000 men and women face the battle of addiction issues and find freedom through their innovative mobile app which provides access to a network of support, daily encouragement and tracking features. In this session they’ll present the latest features of the app including access to coaches and counselors.

The Samson Society is a fellowship of Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, humility and recovery.  Serious, not grave.