2018 Breakout Sessions 

Check out our 2018 line up of in-depth breakout sessions. Each year we strive to invite leading experts in the areas of building deeper relationships, exploring authentic masculinity and brotherhood, developing a real faith for real life, fatherhood, marriage enrichment, sexual integrity, sessions for dads & teens and young adults, becoming agents of social justice in our communities and more.

Day 1
10 Feb 2018

Naked and Scared to Death: Real Authenticity, Vulnerability and Intimacy in Marriage

We all long for a truly intimate relationship with our mate, right? We tell ourselves we want to be close,...
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Dr. David Hawkins from the Marriage Recovery Center on Bainbridge Island will speak at the 2018 Higher Ground Men's Conference on genuine intimacy in marriage
Dr. David Hawkins, MBA, MSW, MA, PhD

Thumos: Foraging a Mature Godly Spirit

Have you ever ignored your emotions, or felt as if you could not control your own appetites? Does it often...
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Drew Hamilton is the Men's Ministry Leader at Bethany Community Church Greenlake in Seattle
Drew Hamilton

Messages on Mirrors and Other Power Tools: Equipping You to be the Dad Your Daughter Needs

In the eight years since I’ve been traveling from my planet of Venus to your planet of Mars, I’ve discovered...
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Dr. Michelle Watson, PhD

Understanding the Stories that Shape Your Thought Life

Men are often confused and heartbroken by their sexual thoughts and behaviors – especially men of faith. They are often...
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Jay Stringer Seattle sexual addiction therapist will speak at the 2018 Higher Ground Men's Conference
Jay Stringer, MA, MDiv

Wholehearted: A Man’s Guide to Avoiding Mid-Life Crisis at Any Age

God created us all to be alive physically and feel alive both emotionally and spiritually as well. The stresses and...
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Garrick Pang

Don’t Freak Out! Kids, Phones, Sex, and What to Do (For Fathers & Teens, Young Adults)

Parents and kids live in two worlds when it comes to phones, technology, relationships, and sexuality. For adults, it’s often...
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Mike Olson

Healing Your Marriage: A man’s guide to helping his wife heal from the painful wounds of pornography

Empathy is as a powerful tool for the man in recovery as he fights to win back the trust of...
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Prodigals International Homecoming Groups for Sexual Addiction Recovery, 12 steps
Prodigals Mentors

Finding Authentic Brotherhood & Accountability in a Digital World

Our lives are increasingly being ‘lived’ in the digital space. Most millennials, in fact, don’t see their online relationships and...
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Steve Dulaney, M.A., LMHC, CSAT | President of Prodigals International

PORN: The Growing Pandemic and the Church’s Response

The latest research from the Barna group and others shows the use of pornography to be skyrocketing and that includes...
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Jeff VanZant with Bright Hearts counseling will speak about Pornography and the church's response to it.
Jeff VanZant, MA, LMHC, CSAT

Becoming: Loving the Process to Wholeness (for Fathers & Teens, Young Adults)

Based on his best-selling book Becoming: Loving the Process to Wholeness, in this special Father-Son breakout session Clint Gresham will share...
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Former Seattle Seahawk Clint Gresham will speak at the 2018 Higher Ground Men's Conference
Clint Gresham

Beyond Surviving at Work: Finding Higher Ground

In today’s competitive culture, men often find themselves in toxic work environments. Moving at breakneck speed with ever-decreasing support and...
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Al Erisman, Seattle Pacific University, Intersection of Faith and Work
Al Erisman

The Path to Whole-Life Integrity

There are many ways that we deal with uncomfortable life situations and stress that can lead to addictive behaviors; these...
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Dr. Bill Lennon is a Certified Sex Addiction therapist Supervisor and will speak at the Higher Ground Men's Conference
Dr. Bill Lennon, EdD, LMFT, LMHC, SOTP, CSAT-S

The Heart of Man movie

Special to Higher Ground 2018 – The Heart of Man Movie! Men will be able to both view the full-length...
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The Heart of Man movie will be shown and discussed at the 2018 Higher Ground Men's Conference Saturday, Feb. 10 at Westminster Chapel, Belleuve, WA
The Heart of Man Movie

The Heart of Man – Discussion Session

The Heart of Man movie is a powerful, contemporary re-telling of The Prodigal Son, digging deep into the issues of...
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Super Bowl Sunday
Steve Parsons


One of the main reasons men can struggle spiritually is because we often struggle relationally. Proverbs 18:24 says, “One who...
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Pastor Scott Scruggs will present a workshop of Men and Friendship, building brotherhood at the higher ground men's conference
Scott Scruggs

Foundations for Health: Stress-Management Dynamics and Applications

Are you living YOUR life? Are you increasingly feeling stretched thin by increasing work demands, information overload, struggling to balance...
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Rob Baker is a certified executive coach and will speak at the Higher Ground men's conference
Rob Baker, M.A., LMFT, LMHC, CSAT-S