Porn Addiction is Now Threatening An Entire Generation | RELEVANT Magazine

The following article is re-published from RELEVANT Magazine. At Higher Ground, we are committed to helping men heal from pornography addiction, committed to equipping men to stand strong against the temptation of an over-sexualized culture, and committed to providing fathers key tools to help their sons develop a genuine faith that is committed to standing...
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Navigating the New Marriage Culture with Truth and Grace: A Pastor’s Journey

Post By: Scott Brewer, Senior Pastor Meadowbrook Church In light of the Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality decision, Christian Pastors are facing many new questions from their congregations concerning the church’s response to homosexuality and same-sex marriage: How should I respond to my child or friend who “comes out gay”? Should I attend a gay wedding?...
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The #1 Gift Women Want From Their Men This Christmas

Post by: Garrick Pang, Director of Strategic Partnerships Stronger Families Amidst the onslaught of commercials, window displays and retail catalogs during the holiday season, men are bombarded with the unspoken message: “you’d better get her the perfect gift this Christmas.” The pressure mounts, December 25th looms and many men get stressed. But they get stressed...
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