About Prodigals International

The Higher Ground Men’s Conference is a ministry of Prodigals International. Since its inception in 2000, Prodigals has been on the forefront of Christ-centered, 12-step counseling and support for countless men across the US and Canada seeking freedom from the bonds of sexual addiction, leading them to healing, restoration and sexual wholeness.

Prodigals expanded their ministry and outreach in 2012 with the launch of the Higher Ground Men’s Conference. In its sixth year, Higher Ground seeks to bring the very best speakers and experts to encourage men of faith in their journey in regards to not only sexual wholeness, but to emphasize to all men the power that comes from living life in spiritual community and with authenticity.

Understanding how our hyper-sexual popular culture is a constant temptation for men and young men, Higher Ground also seeks to educate men about how the realities of both poverty and the consumption of pornography are key drivers behind the sex trade and its enslavement of women and young children. Higher Ground men care about social justice.


To learn more about Prodigals International, please visit our web page: www.prodigalsinternational.org