The #1 Gift Women Want From Their Men This Christmas

Stronger Families' Garrick Pang unwraps 'what women want' from their men this Christmas, and it may surprise you!

The #1 Gift Women Want From Their Men This Christmas

Post by:
Garrick Pang,
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Stronger Families

Amidst the onslaught of commercials, window displays and retail catalogs during the holiday season, men are bombarded with the unspoken message: “you’d better get her the perfect gift this Christmas.”

The pressure mounts, December 25th looms and many men get stressed. But they get stressed because they really do want to make the women in their lives happy, right?

So, what do women most want this Christmas?

Jewelry?  Perfume? Chocolates? Clothing?  Nope. Not that these are bad things, but it may surprise and encourage you to learn that the number one thing the woman in your life most wants from you this Christmas is something you don’t need to wait in lines (or even go online) to get.

It’s your time.  (And, of course, not just for Christmas, but for always.)


Quality Time is one of Dr. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages and for many women your time can be the key that ignites in her the desire to give you what you most need: respect, appreciation, and support.

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Guys, I encourage you to think about how you can ‘wrap up a gift of your time’ for the woman in your life this Christmas:

  • A pre-arranged weekend away
  • A coupon book for pre-scheduled date nights*
  • A pre-scheduled day together on your 2016 calendar (wine tasting, a day hike around Mt. Rainier, walk around the Seattle waterfront – it’s all free!)

Remember, you’ve already got what she wants most. It’s why she chose you in the first place.

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