Social Justice: getting off the pew and into the game

There are those who would say Jesus was a social activist ahead of his time.

Social Justice: getting off the pew and into the game

There are those who would say Jesus was a social activist ahead of his time.

  • He had the audacity to have conversations with prostitutes, forgiving them and encouraging them towards a different life.
  • He built friendships with and showed incredible grace to questionable politicians, and He welcomed them into his inner circle.
  • He talked a lot about forgiving those who don’t deserve forgiveness and showing compassion to outcasts who spent their days on the fringes of society.
  • He regularly healed the infirm, the crippled, the leper and He embraced the poor.
  • He never hesitated to recognize women as leaders in his early church.
  • On more than one occasion his ‘got all up in the grill’ of the religious people of the day, confronting their hypocrisy about “shutting the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces.”

Today’s world is ripe with need.  Our local and global communities continue to feel the strain of racial, religious and political tensions, economic disparity, and angst-driven violence. Social justice is a key driver of today’s young adults and yet they increasingly see the church as missing in action when it comes to championing the causes of marginalized populations.


Social justice is a topic that fosters a lot of questions: how do we each define social justice? How do we engage our unique passions to make a real difference? How do we get started?

For such a time as this we are expanding our conversation about social justice at Higher Ground.

As in previous conferences we’ll talk about how we can save women and children from human slavery in the form of sex trafficking by once and for all eliminating the use of pornography in our lives.

In addition this year, Northwest Church Lead Pastor Chris Goldman will be facilitating a Social Justice Panel Discussion with key leaders from global and local ministries with the goal of opening our eyes to the many ways each of us can make a difference right here in the Pacific Northwest, as well as around the world.

Join us February 27th for the opportunity to be inspired by representatives from World Concern, Christian Veterinary Mission, Celebrate Recovery and Puget Sound Christian Clinic as they paint a picture of the incredible reward that comes from getting off the pew and getting into the game.  We are honored to welcome these leaders who consistently serve those who are so often marginalized by society.

Certainly, ours will not be an exhaustive conversation on the topic, but in conjunction with Dr. Scott Dudley’s closing keynote regarding the Death of Cultural Christianity, Higher Ground 2016 will uniquely inspire and equip each man toward making a meaningful impact in his community.  It’s our right step in the right direction.

Guys, don’t miss the movement.  We’re already seeing early registrations roll in (earliest ever!) – God is moving.   If you need any help at all organizing a group from your church, school or organization to attend Higher Ground, contact us at  We’re here to help.


Steve Dulaney, President
Prodigals International